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Watch all of the Super Bowl ads right here

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Whether you're a die-hard fan or aren't even sure which teams will be playing on Sunday (Google tells me it's the Ravens and the 49ers, who I understand both play football), Super Bowl commercials are an integral part of both the game and American culture. The Super Bowl is perhaps the only time of the year when advertising is elevated en masse to popular entertainment, and while sports in general have proved a sticking point for streaming TV, the commercials themselves can be found right here online.

For the past several years, Hulu has offered access to Super Bowl ads as they air or are posted. Though it's not hard to find individual commercials on, say, YouTube, this both collects everything in one place and lets you browse previous years. We've already picked out a few of the most interesting pieces of product-selling artistic ephemera, and unlike some advertisers, neither we nor Hulu have to stick to calling it the "Big Game" this weekend.