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How to watch Super Bowl XLVII online

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Super Bowl streaming
Super Bowl streaming

Later today most Americans will be huddled around their televisions, watching the 49ers take on the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. But if for some reason you aren't able to watch it on the big screen, just like last year there are still ways to check out the game online. CBS Sports is offering a free stream of the game from its website, and it comes with a few benefits: including both on-demand commercials and the ability to switch between 22 different camera angles. And if your laptop is out of reach, the game will also be available via the NFL's mobile app on both iOS and Android, though you'll need an NFL Game Pass subscription in order to watch. Whether you end up watching it from your smartphone or from space, the game will be kicking off at 6:30PM EST tonight in New Orleans, Louisiana.