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Carbon Twitter client released for Android smartphones

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Carbon App for Android twitter client
Carbon App for Android twitter client

Carbon, a long-awaited third-party Twitter app for Android, is finally here. App developer Dots & Lines has been working on getting Carbon out for a while now; it originally estimated that the app would be out for Android as a free download last July, but that didn't happen. The company was held back last year when it discovered that it couldn't submit Carbon as a paid app to Google Play from the United Arab Emirates, but it's still taken much longer than expected to release after the original delay.

Based on our brief impressions with the app, it holds up to a preview from last year: it's a slick "Holo"-themed Twitter client with some fancy transitions and a few useful gesture commands. Visually, it's basically unchanged from what we saw last year, with the exception of a few button stylings. The app is generally a pleasure to navigate, and it's super-easy to switch back and forth between your Twitter accounts and timelines. It's not perfect, and the developers have fallen short on at least one promise — push notifications don't appear to be available yet (the app currently checks for updates every 15 minutes). It's also not available for tablets yet, but that might not be a huge problem for Android phone owners.

Thanks, jfassbinder!