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CBS interview gives a look into the NFL's control room during the Super Bowl blackout

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superbowl stock 1024

Unless you've been living under a rock or purposefully avoiding anything to do with last night's Super Bowl, you're likely aware that power went out in half of the Mercedes Benz Superdome just after the start of the third quarter last night. The outage was enough to halt gameplay for over a half an hour while officials triaged and resolved the problem and got the lights back on. It would be fairly safe to assume that the power outage caused a lot of people grief, especially those that are in charge of putting on one of the biggest television productions of the year. But if CBS's video evidence of the NFL's control room captured when the blackout happened is any guideline, it seems that most people in charge kept a cool head and went about their jobs in getting the power restored as quickly as possible. Fortunately for the broadcaster, there was power available to its cameras, so it was able to keep recording while the event unfolded. You can see all of the lack of panic and calm executives in the video below.