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Operation Photo Rescue helps restore timeless shots damaged by superstorm Sandy

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One of the most heartbreaking aspects of facing a natural disaster can be the loss of precious photographs. Homes can be rebuilt, damaged cars fixed, and gadgets repurchased with the help of insurance. But the same doesn't hold always hold true for your personal photos. Their destruction can make it feel as though you're losing the very memory captured in the shot, which has prompted Operation Photo Rescue to mobilize in support of those impacted by last year's superstorm Sandy. We've already seen people band together to help reconnect displaced photos with their rightful owners, and now OPR is determined to help preserve timeless heirlooms. Founded after Hurricane Katrina, the volunteer group (estimated to have around 3,000 members) has restored some 9,000 images damaged by flood waters and other environmental hazards. The Associated Press has taken a close look at its latest mission and the delicate process of restoring what was once feared lost.