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Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad updated with inline Vine and Flickr previews

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Just as the Tweetbot team teased a week ago, inline Vine video previews have come to the popular third-party Twitter app. A new update just released today lets users load up Vine videos right in Tweetbot without it having to open up and load a separate page. Native controls include output through AirPlay as well as "full screen" video, and users can easily tweet a link to the video itself as well. The inclusion of Vine support for Tweetbot is rather notable — typically, third-party Twitter apps haven't had this type of access to most new Twitter features (like cards), but Tweetbot figured out how to make it work through some technical workarounds that prove beneficial to its userbase.

There are a few other nice tweaks along with Vine integration — in particular, Flickr is getting some love. The massive overhaul of the app has helped drive more users back to Flickr, and now Tweetbot displays images right in its native interface, with the option to save or copy the photo, view its original website, or tweet out a link to it. The app also now support Google's Chrome browser on iOS, so any links you might want to view in a browser can now be sent to Chrome as well as Safari. While there's nothing groundbreaking here, it's good to see one of the top Twitter app developers not rest on its laurels. The update has rolled out to both the iPad and iPhone versions of the app and can be downloaded from the App Store now.