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Malware warnings hit high-profile sites after ad network hack, issue now 'successfully cleaned'

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Google Chrome Malware Warning (STOCK)
Google Chrome Malware Warning (STOCK)

Chrome users looking to catch up on the latest news from a number of websites were barred from doing so this morning thanks to a malware warning from Google. According to a statement received by ZDNet and The Atlantic Wire, advertising network NetSeer was hit by a malware attack today, and after Google recognized the hack it placed all sites that served ads through the network under quarantine. Sites like The New York Times, The Washington Post,, ZDNet, IMDb, and The Hollywood Reporter were among the dozens of sites that were said to be put on the blacklist, preventing users from visiting their pages. The NetSeer spokesperson said that the hack only affected the company's corporate servers, and that its advertising network was untouched. He continued on to say that "we have successfully cleaned the site of the malware issue," and that the company is working with Google "to do an expedited review of the site and remove the site from the malware impacted site-list so that browsing behavior can be restored for all users." It's worth pointing out that if you saw Google's malware warning page you shouldn't be at risk of infection.