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Google and Mozilla team up to demo WebRTC's cross-browser video chat

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FF and Chrome WebRTC chat
FF and Chrome WebRTC chat

Today, Google and Mozilla both demonstrated their commitment to WebRTC — an open-source project to create in-browser voice and video chat without additional software — by making the first video call between Chrome and Firefox using the standard. WebRTC was built using Javascript and HTML, and aims to provide high-definition video chat with minimal delay without relying on additional apps or potentially vulnerable plugins. So far, the WebRTC standard has had little support — though Mozilla first demonstrated it last year — and cross-browser chat isn't yet available beyond the beta version of Chrome 25 and Firefox Nightly. There's no word on when, if ever, the standard will be adopted across all browsers, but if you're interested in trying out the WebRTC-powered video chat shown below, the Chromium Blog explains how to try it out.