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Jawbone purchases two startups to boost design and health tech credentials

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Jawbone Up
Jawbone Up

Jawbone, makers of the fitness tracking armband known as the Jawbone Up, have just purchased two startups that should help the company continue to improve on both the hardware and software front. One company, Visere, is a digital design firm that works in both hardware and software, and is known for its work with Nike. The second, MassiveHealth, is a bit more directly relevant to one of Jawbone's core products, the aforementioned Up. MassiveHealth is probably best known for an iOS app known as Eatery, which encourages users to take pictures of their meals as part of a system for keeping better track of what you eat.

There was no purchase price disclosed, nor are there any details on what the two companies will be working on as part of Jawbone, but Jawbone did indicate that both teams would join the company's existing workforce. It sounds like yet another "acqui-hire," with Jawbone going after the talent rather than the products — though some version of MassiveHealth's Eatery app could certainly play a part in Jawbone's future fitness products.