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Chrome OS unified messaging center potentially revealed in new image

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Chrome OS Rich Notifications Unified Messaging leak
Chrome OS Rich Notifications Unified Messaging leak

Last week it was revealed that Google was working on a new Notification Center for its Chromium Browser, and now we're getting a look at what rich notifications might look like in Chrome OS — and a unified messaging inbox may be in the cards. The image, revealed by developer François Beaufort, shows what appear to be alerts from Google+ and both voice and messaging services. Aesthetically, it's close to the kind of design we currently see in Google Now, and would give Chrome OS users a quick and easy way to manage all of their interactions from one simple pane of pop-ups.


There's also one other intriguing element in the image: a new icon pinned to the bottom of the screen. With a wink and a nod, Beaufort says he doesn't know what the icon is for, but the stack of multi-colored chat bubbles seems to point to some sort of communications client. Between the likes of Google Voice, Talk, Messenger, Gmail, and Google+, users of Google's services have a handful of different places to send and receive messages, and bringing them under one roof — particularly in Google's own OS — would make for a very interesting proposition.