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T-Mobile leak points to March 27th launch for LTE-ready BlackBerry Z10 and Galaxy S III

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T-Mobile Germany (STOCK)
T-Mobile Germany (STOCK)

March 27th is looking like a big day for T-Mobile and its new LTE network. A leaked document posted by TmoNews reveals that several new devices are launching on the date, including BlackBerry’s new flagship Z10. The phone joins T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note II, which would just require a software update to work on T-Mobile's LTE network, and the Galaxy S III LTE, which also looks to be launching on March 27th. That gives the company a trio of high-end devices to tempt customers with this spring.

There's a good chance that the iPhone 5 won't be available at the end of March

It also looks like the company will be releasing pre- and postpaid versions of a handset called the Galaxy Exhibit (nicknamed "Codina"), and an LTE wireless hot spot called the Sonic 2.0 at the same time. Apple’s iPhone devices are on their way to the carrier, as well, although the three to four month timeframe CEO John Legere gave in January means there’s a good chance that the iPhone 5 won’t be immediately available at the end of March.

That same April-May timeframe also applies to new device subsidies, which T-Mobile plans to stop sinking money into. So while its new phones will be more expensive than its competitors’ to walk home with, T-Mobile can use the savings to cut the cost of service, giving customers a $70 plan with unlimited voice, texting, and data, without a contract. However, it’s still not clear whether the company plans to launch its new LTE devices in March without subsidies. All in all, the end of March is shaping up to be a big week for the fourth-place carrier, and we'll keep you posted as more details come out.