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Logitech shrinks its Ultrathin iPad keyboard cover to mini proportions

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Last year, Logitech released one of our favorite iPad keyboards, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Nearly a year later, Apple has a new form factor in stores with the smaller iPad mini, and it’s only natural that Logitech would target it, too, which is what it’s doing with the Ultrathin Keyboard mini.

Click it in place with the integrated magnets

The seven-inch aluminum design is very similar to the original Ultrathin, with just a few cosmetic changes — the Micro USB charging port switched places with the Bluetooth button, for instance. Click it in place with the integrated magnets to cover your mini's screen when it’s not in use, then snap things apart and throw your tablet in the central groove when you’re ready to start typing. Instant On / Off means you won’t have to worry about pushing buttons every time you open and close the case, although the smaller keyboard will only get you three months of use on a charge, compared with six months on the full-sized Ultrathin.

The big question is what it feels like to type on the keyboard, which we’re so far unable to answer. But with the smaller size, things could get appreciably more cramped than the 10-inch Ultrathin — it might make more sense to carry around a separate full-sized keyboard rather than go for Logitech's sleeker all-in-one design. Luckily, you’ll be able to check it out for yourself in the next few weeks; the company says it’s launching the Ultrathin Keyboard mini this month for $79.99.