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HTC mocks Nokia's PureView, teases a 'new camera experience'

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HTC Camera Stock
HTC Camera Stock

HTC has teased that a new "camera experience" is coming for its soon-to-be-announced flagship handset, the M7. In a blog post titled a brief history of photography, the Taiwanese manufacturer takes us through the milestones of image capturing, from the Daguerrotype all the way up to last year's 41-megapixel 808 PureView phone. For the description of Nokia's handset, HTC cites the Gizmodo editorial megapixels don't matter (written shortly after the phone's announcement) as a review, quoting "this won't help you at all." With Nokia set to announce a true PureView Windows Phone shortly, it's clear that HTC is trying to undermine the reputation of Nokia's generally well-reviewed camera system.

There have been rumors recently that HTC is planning to utilize a new kind of camera sensor this year, with Pocket-lint claiming the company was about to unveil a 4.3 "ultrapixel" camera. The site was unclear whether the camera would function like a Foveon X3 sensor, which detects red, green, and blue light in three different layers, or would oversample its pixels like Nokia's PureView, but from its writeup the former seems more accurate. We'll find out for ourselves on February 19th, when HTC is expected to announce its next-generation handset at simultaneous events in New York and London.