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After finding success with cheap HDMI cables, Monoprice aims for loftier ambitions

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Monoprice HDMI
Monoprice HDMI

Monoprice is best known for its dirt-cheap HDMI cables. When shopping for a new TV, if you knew about the company (or had a friend let you in on the secret) you were wise enough to stay far away from Monster's overpriced, snake oil HDMI cables. "It's a digital cable," is the tried and true argument. "It either works or it doesn't, and quality should be identical." And so Monoprice built an massively successful business on account of those cheap cables before expanding into other home theater and computer accessories. But as John Herrman at BuzzFeed explains, with its recent entrance into the external monitor market, the company is now morphing into a formidable competitor to the likes of Dell and other manufacturers known for their high-end LCD panels. Again the strategy is to significantly undercut alternatives in price while still delivering a quality product to consumers. Monoprice seems confident it's found the right recipe, but we imagine those HDMI cables will always remain the company's best seller.