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Google's latest Chrome experiment lets you journey to Oz

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Find Your Way to Oz
Find Your Way to Oz

Google today unveiled Find Your Way to Oz, a collaboration with Disney and the latest addition to the company's series of Chrome Experiments that harness the latest internet technologies. What Chrome users end up with is an engaging, interactive experience that also looks great if you've got the CPU hardware to run the HD version. Aside from showing off what Google's browser is capable of, the experiment also serves as a promotional tool for Disney's upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful film. The journey, which you control with either a mouse of laptop trackpad, "takes you through a dusty Kansas circus and leads to a vibrant land, following in the footsteps of the Wizard himself." Performance varied across a few laptops owned by Verge staffers; if you're limited to integrated graphics, the experience may not be optimal. For the coders among you, Google is also offering thorough look at how Find Your Way to Oz came to be.