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Instagram launches full image feed for desktop browsers

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instagram web feed 2
instagram web feed 2

Instagram has slowly been transitioning towards a model where users can interact with its content on the web, and today it has introduced a full newsfeed for desktop browsers. Now, when you go to, users can see all of the photos posted from the users they follow, like photos by clicking them, and take advantage of inline commenting. For the times when you're not on-the-go and want to catch up on your friends' photos, this should be a much easier way to do so. While Instagram has long maintained focus on providing an excellent mobile experience, it has been building out its web presence ever since being purchased by Facebook. Now, users should be able to get the full Instagram experience on their laptop or desktop — though images can still only be uploaded from your mobile. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote that while he believes that photos should be shared while on-the-go, Instagram's web presence will help users have a fast and simple brwosing experience. Instagram says the new feed is live now, though some users are experiencing trouble pulling it up as of this writing.