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Bitcasa infinite cloud storage leaves beta, now available for Mac and iOS

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clouds (shutterstock)
clouds (shutterstock)

Bitcasa has announced that its Infinite Drive cloud storage system has just left beta, and is now available on Mac and iOS in addition to previously-existing support for Android, Windows, Windows RT, and Google Chrome. Bitcasa is basically a remote hard drive, with unlimited space that users can connect to from various computers and mobile devices. The service offers client-side encryption that the company says will keep user data safe from its employees. Unlike Dropbox and other cloud storage competitors, Bitcasa is intended to replace your primary and external hard drives — "hard drives are now dead," the company's CEO said today in an announcement. The service normally runs $10 a month, but Bitcasa is celebrating its exit from beta with special pricing. For the month of February, a full year of service will run users $59, instead of the regular price of $99 per year (a 40 percent discount).