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90 Seconds on The Verge: a private Dell, a spinoff 'Star Wars,' and 'Fast and Furious 6'

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Ross 90 Seconds
Ross 90 Seconds

"'Tell them how they'll have to do it today...' The Big Face speaks but his bass words are muffled by the euphonic woodwinds and my own fears.

"If there is a bottom to the moat, I have never seen it. As hard as I try to peer, to gaze, to focus, all I can see is fog below. Dipped into the fog like donuts to steaming hot coffee, a row of rings - 'ancient rings,' the Big Face calls it - hanging by a vine."

"'When Kirk gives the signal...' the five most horrifyingly scary words, six syllables. The Jovial Hosts asks Big Face if he's ready. 'Yessssssss,' he lazily draws out, in a manner that suggests his bloodlust would fit well only among the most sadistic of mortal souls.

"'On your mark, get set,...' I don't hear 'go,' but I do see the splashes. My companion goes first, followed soon by me. As I wait, though, I see a Silver Snake struggle, trapped in a harness of three rings, his arms sifting wildly through the mist. I never saw him make the other ring. In fact, I never saw him again in all the years since the event - though admittedly, I haven't been actively looking to recount my experience or seek painful reminders."

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