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Deezer's partnership with LG, Samsung, and Toshiba brings its streaming music to smart TVs

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Deezer is partnering with LG, Samsung, and Toshiba to deliver its music-streaming service on the companies’ smart TVs. The service, which is now in more than 180 countries worldwide (up from the 160 we heard in October, but still not in the US yet), has about three million subscribers paying for access to its 20-million-track library, and also provides free, ad-supported music in over 150 countries. Like its competitors Spotify, Rdio, and others, Deezer is already available for a variety of other platforms, providing smartphone and tablet apps, and a good, old-fashioned web client.

If you want to use Deezer in your living room, though, figuring out if your TV is compatible isn’t so straightforward. If you live in Europe, Deezer will be available on all Samsung, LG, or Toshiba smart TVs produced in 2011 or later. Things are almost the same in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Pacific regions — you can use it on all LG and Toshiba smart TVs (no Samsung) produced in 2011 or later. Lastly, if you live somewhere else, you’ll be able to use the service on your LG smart TV provided it was made in 2011 or later, or on your not-yet-purchased Toshiba built in 2013. Get all that?