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Monty Python members to reunite for sci-fi comedy 'Absolutely Anything'

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john cleese (shutterstock)
john cleese (shutterstock)

Monty Python's Flying Circus stars John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones are set to work together again on Absolutely Anything, a sci-fi farce that will blend live action and CGI footage. Jones is directing the project, which will begin filming in the UK this spring, and tells Variety "It's not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility." Robin Williams is also on board to voice a talking dog. The plot revolves around a group of aliens — voiced by the Python crew — that grant a human power to do "absolutely anything" in order to find out how much he'll abuse it..

As for Eric Idle, the only surviving member of the Monty Python troupe not yet attached to the project, Jones says that producers are working to secure his signature. Mike Medavoy, who produced Life of Brian, will reprise his role here, and says of the movie "Like all projects originated by any of the Monty Python guys, Absolutely Anything delightfully defies a logline."