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Samsung's Galaxy Discover omits TouchWiz in favor of stock Android, coming to Straight Talk

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Samsung Discover
Samsung Discover

Samsung is finally producing another Android smartphone without its TouchWiz skin overlay, but it may not be a device you'll be lining up for. Yes, the Galaxy Discover — apparently slated for release on Straight Talk and Net10 in the US — runs what looks to be a completely stock version of Android 4.0. Samsung even advertises this bullet point, telling potential buyers they'll have a rare chance to "experience mobile life without carrier or Samsung overlays." But in this case, the omission of TouchWiz is likely attributable to low-end hardware inside the Discover: its 800MHz processor (and an undisclosed amount of RAM) simply may not be up to the task of running a customized version of Android.

Pushing pixels on the device's 320 x 480 HVGA 3.5-inch display likely won't be a problem, however. You'll get 2.7GB of storage built in, with the usual support for microSD cards up to 32GB. There's also a 3-megapixel rear camera on board, but don't expect the Discover to surpass the impressive optics on the Galaxy S III and Note II. Still, if nothing else, at least Android purists on the lowest of budgets now have another option that won't necessitate rooting. There's no word just yet on when the Discover will be available via Straight Talk and Net10.