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Monopoly can haz new cat token: Facebook voters replace the iron with a feline

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Monopoly cat
Monopoly cat

Hasbro, makers of the iconic board game Monopoly, announced last month that it was holding a vote on Facebook to replace one of the real estate game's tokens with a new, fan-chosen option. The dog, car, shoe, iron, thimble, and wheelbarrow pieces were all at risk of being pulled for a cat, ring, guitar, helicopter, or robot. The vote is now in, and the cat has officially pushed the iron out of the Monopoly box. While we're definitely surprised that the fabulous, mustachioed toy robot didn't make the cut, the cat does seem an obvious choice — after all, there are few things internet denizens love more than cats, and Monopoly's Facebook page was the only place to cast a vote. Check out the dramatic reveal below, and pour one out for the dearly departed iron, which Hasbro says is locked away forever —unless you buy the limited-edition game set coming out this month, which will feature all the old tokens as well as all five new ones that were up for vote.