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Blogger behind China's sex tape scandal is 'fighting a war' against censorship

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Zhu Ruifeng (South China Morning Post)
Zhu Ruifeng (South China Morning Post)

Zhu Ruifeng is a former migrant worker with a high school education, but in the past two months, he's become one of China's most high profile journalists. As the New York Times reports, Zhu became a national celebrity last year, when he posted a video of an 18-year-old girl having sex with a middle-aged bureaucrat from Chongqing. His actions have attracted the attention of the Chinese officials, but despite their intimidation and his nebulous status as an uncertified journalist, Zhu says he plans on releasing even more incriminating sex tapes in the near future. "I’m fighting a war," he told the Times. "Even if they beat me to death, I won’t give up my sources or the videos."