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'Star Trek' captain William Shatner interviews real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield

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It's a meeting so monumental that Earth couldn't contain it: actor William Shatner, known best for his years spent manning the starship Enterprise as Captain James Kirk on Star Trek, today had the chance to speak with real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield, of course, is currently aboard the International Space Station in the midst of a five-month stay. "I'm calling, this is Shatner. Do you hear me?" asks the actor in his instantly recognizable timbre. Upon Hadfield's confirmation, Shatner says "I'm so moved to be able to speak to you for this brief moment," before asking Hadfield a series of questions that have "deep meaning" to the actor. The interview comes after Shatner first contacted Hadfield via Twitter.

Shatner begins by requesting Hadfield's thoughts on America's current standing in space exploration. He later shows admiration for the bravery involved in Hadfield's work. "Really, to accomplish anything worthwhile in life is going to take risk," the astronaut says. Naturally Shatner's career also comes into the conversation. At one point, when asked about the unexpected risks of his job, Hadfield says "the fear comes from something unexpected happening, like forgetting your words or an audience reaction that was unexpected." Shatner quickly retorts "in my case, your face flushes. In your case, you burn up. It's a little different." The full, entertaining discussion awaits you in the video below. It seems the two plan to meet in the flesh at some point as well, with Shatner saying he looks forward to sharing a whiskey and cigar with the space explorer upon his safe return home.