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Google Hangouts caters to slow internet connections with bandwidth slider, audio mode

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YouTube party Google+ Hangout
YouTube party Google+ Hangout

Google has been routinely delivering updates to enhance Google Hangouts ever since the video chat service launched in 2011, and new additions today aim to improve the streaming experience for those constrained by slow internet speeds. First is a new bandwidth slider positioned at the top right of each Hangout window; adjusting this lets you dictate how much of your limited bandwidth Hangouts will be permitted to use during chats. If even the lowest setting is still causing you problems (or for those that are camera shy), Google has also introduced a new "audio only" mode which, as you'd guess, gets rid of video entirely. When activated, other participants in your Hangout will see only your profile picture, but ideally they'll have no problem hearing what you say. Both features are being rolled out today, though Google employee Tim Blasi writes that you may not see them appear at the same time.