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'FarmVille' coming to television in animated series produced by Brett Ratner

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Brett Ratner, best known for directing Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour series, is preparing to bring Zynga's FarmVille to your TV. Ratner is one of three executive producers aiming to create an animated series based on the hugely popular Facebook game. We're not yet sure how Ratner plans to incorporate farm cultivation into each half-hour episode, but he seems excited to be part of the project. "FarmVille is one of the most exciting brands out there today and its cross-platform opportunities are endless," Ratner said in a statement. "I am thrilled to be expanding the brand with existing fans and also engaging a whole new audience." No TV network has been attached to the forthcoming series.

Rumors of a FarmVille movie have also been floated previously, with Toy Story writers Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow rumored to scribe the film as of 2011. Successfully translating the game into a profitable TV show or full-length film would be a major boon for Zynga, which is on a bit of an upward swing after reporting better-than-expected quarterly results this week. Ratner's latest film, Paramount's Hercules, stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and is slated to hit theaters in August.