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90 Seconds on The Verge: Mailbox for iPhone, PlayStation 4, and NBC's 'Community'

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"The Jovial Man asks for our dreams, what we want to do should we ever escape this hell — knowing full well that the four of us may not survive long enough to miserably miss that dream (and knowing two of us definitely will miss that opportunity in about fifteen minutes' time).

"The Temple Games. Ahead of us were silly prefaces and falsified tales of lore by the Big Face. Long, elastic strings stretching out from an unforeseen pipe above, tethering us to a little square. Up we jump, higher than we ever have before. Up to that makeshift ceiling where we reach in, blindly, hoping for treats and no tricks of malfeasance. All we ever got was 60 seconds. Blind faith grabbing trinkets, back down into a bucket, back up again.

"One down, two to go. I am two games from knowing my short-term fate, and what felt like eons to knowing where my life would lead from there.

"Why is my partner in a boat... that has wheels?"

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