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ISS astronauts will answer your questions by Google+ Hangout on February 22nd

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international space station
international space station

ISS astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn, Chris Hadfield will be answering questions from space on a Google+ Hangout. From 11am to 12pm EST on February 22nd, the three will address viewers at, taking a combination of pre-recorded video questions and real-time ones from social networks. If you're interested in recording a question, you'll have until February 12th to upload a YouTube video of 30 seconds or less tagged with #askAstro. The same tag can be used for text questions on Twitter, YouTube, or Google+, and a Facebook page will be opened on the 22nd.

Though it's not clear how much they've taken off as a social tool, Hangouts have become popular as a form of open press conference, with the White House particularly holding them to connect with citizens. Chris Hadfield, meanwhile, has done everything from record the first song in space to answer interview questions from William Shatner.