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Time Warner Cable brings on-demand programming to TWC TV website

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Time Warner Cable TWC TV app
Time Warner Cable TWC TV app

Time Warner Cable has added on-demand content to its PC and Mac web application, TWC TV. With today's update, Time Warner Cable subscribers can watch over 4,000 shows and movies from 91 providers, according to the company, for free. That selection is certainly limited compared to the offerings on your TV itself, but some on-demand programming from premium networks (that you subscribe to) like HBO and Showtime will be available. The update follows a similar upgrade to the TWC TV iOS app last year that introduced on-demand programming, and the TWC TV web app launched in beta nearly a year ago with selected live streaming. Competitors like Comcast and Verizon FiOS have offered similar functionality for some time, but now those of us with Time Warner Cable can join in on the fun.