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Justin Timberlake named Creative Director for Bud Light Platinum

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new myspace screenshot
new myspace screenshot

Just nine days after Alicia Keys joined the Blackberry team, the next celebrity creative director is here. This morning, Justin Timberlake was named the official creative director for Bud Light Platinum, the higher-alcohol Bud Light spinoff launched in early 2012. In Timberlake's words, "Bud Light Platinum brings a refined discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I'm doing." In many ways, the collaboration resembles a standard endorsement deal, but like Keys, and Lady Gaga before him, Timberlake has an official title to sweeten the deal.

The partnership will come to a head this weekend, when he appears in a 60-second spot called "Platinum Night" during the Grammys, where he is also slated to perform. Timberlake has some experience with the position; he's also creative director at Myspace, where he has an ownership stake and unveiled a single earlier this year. It's still unclear what his duties with Bud Light Platinum will be, but after a December article that described Platinum as tasting "like stale raisins," we'd say he has his work cut out for him.