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Play this: 'Real World Racing' uses satellite maps to let you race on real streets

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real world racing
real world racing

Real World Racing, a top-down PC racing game built using real satellite images, is finally available in open beta. It's not the full, finished version of the game, but the beta will still give you a decent taste of what's to come with six cars and three maps — Rome, Berlin, and London — in single player, time trial, and multiplayer modes. Developers promise the full game will launch with 80 cars, at least 50 tracks, and a career mode, so there's plenty to look forward to. You can use a controller or keyboard according to your preference, and the controls are fairly simple: accelerate, brake, steer, and switch gears. And yes, you can drift. There's no word yet on pricing or release date for the full game, but Real World Racing creators are currently working to get the game approved for Windows machines via Steam Greenlight.