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Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set bundled with 'ZombiU' and Pro Controller for $389.99

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Wii U Zombiu Deluxe Set
Wii U Zombiu Deluxe Set

If you're dead-set on buying a Wii U — we weren't fully convinced after reviewing the game console — you should take note of a new bundle that Nintendo has announced today. The Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set, as it's called, comes with a copy of ZombiU, of course, as well as a Wii U Pro Controller on top of the standard Deluxe Set. It all comes in at $389.99, which is about $70 less than you'd pay if you bought it all separately. It's notable that Nintendo is bundling a M-rated, third-party title with its game console, but more importantly, ZombiU may very well be our favorite game on the system. Other than the game and the Pro Controller, Nintendo says that the bundle comes with a book with artwork from the game, and it includes a digital copy of Nintendo Land (as opposed to the disc version included with the standard Deluxe Set). The 32GB black console also comes with an enrollment in Nintendo's Deluxe Digital rewards program, and it will be available on February 17th in the US and Canada. You may want to wait a few more days to see Sony's next-generation console plans before taking the plunge, however.