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PayPal gives tour of upcoming, streamlined website redesign

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Paypal logo event
Paypal logo event

A new PayPal design is on the horizon. The online payments company is giving users a tour of an upcoming makeover for its website, though we're not yet sure when the old, long-in-the-tooth design will finally be going away. As for what you can expect from "the new PayPal," the company is working to streamline account pages, placing key data like current balance and bank account / credit cards on file in a central position beneath user photos.

PayPal is also adding a notifications pane that alerts customers when Bill Me Later statements are due, or when coupon offers — provided by PayPal's retail partners — are close to expiring. Shortcuts for PayPal's core actions (sending money, requesting money, etc.) have also been placed to the right side of the screen, so hopefully you won't need to do as much clicking to accomplish those routine tasks. Overall it looks to be a clean, modern facelift for PayPal without some of the clutter found on the site today. We've reached out to the company for details as to when you'll be seeing the new design.