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Electronic Arts officially launches Origin game platform for the Mac

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EA Origin logo
EA Origin logo

Last month Electronic Arts released an alpha version of its Origin game distribution platform for the Mac, and things appear to have gone smoothly: today the company announced the official launch of the product. The highlight feature of the Mac version is dual-platform play; users can buy a title on Origin, and assuming it's made for both platforms they'll be able to access either the Mac or PC version from their computer of choice. Origin for OS X will also include many features from the original version, including the use of cloud storage for saving and picking up games.

Included in the games catalog for the Mac are titles from Electronic Arts itself as well as several publishing partners, including the likes of Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition and Lego Harry Potter. EA is also running a launch promotion, offering The Sims 3 and its various expansion packs for $10 each (the promotion will run through 9PM PT this evening). If you're an OS X user and would like to try Origin for yourself, it's available for download now.