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Twitter's lolcats language tweak, let me show you it

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If there were any doubt that the internet displays a persistent bias towards cats — and there really isn't — it can be finally laid to rest: lolcats will now find their native language supported on Twitter, albeit not particularly well. The "lolcatz" beta localization shows up in Settings, and you can see Twitter in lolspeak immediately at Though we'd hardly claim to be experts, there are almost certainly better substitutes for "followers" and "profile summary" than, well, "FOLLOWERS" and "PROFILE SUMMARY." You could be forgiven for barely noticing the change in places, especially since tweets and profile descriptions remain un-loled.

Twitter hasn't said how long this setting will last (or if we'll truly ever find the feline Rosetta Stone that will let it move out of beta), but it may well persist as long as Facebook's "Pirate" language setting, which remains an option despite the general obsolescence of Talk Like a Pirate Day. We should probably just count ourselves lucky the new internet-chosen Monopoly cat token can't speak.