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Microsoft job listing hints at unified Windows and Windows Phone development platform

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Windows RT macro
Windows RT macro

Microsoft has been touting the importance of the "shared core" between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 since last year, but a recent job posting indicates the company may be taking things a step further. As spotted by WMPowerUser, Microsoft had posted a job listing for a software development engineer to help bring the development platforms for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone closer together. It's since been removed, but a Google cache of the listing reveals the pitch — "Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa?" — and states that among other responsibilities, the position would focus on solving "the technical challenges of bringing a platform built for desktops and tablets to the phone form factor."

Windows Store apps are the Metro-styled apps available for Windows 8 and Windows RT. It's not clear if the aim is to provide true cross-platform compatibility at the moment; the listing states that the team is going to be bringing "much" of the APIs and developer-facing elements of WinRT and Windows Store to its mobile OS. Nevertheless, it's a clear indication that Microsoft will be doing everything it can to make it as easy as possible for Windows developers to create apps for Windows Phone — and the other way around.