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Home Depot drops BlackBerry for the iPhone despite Z10 announcement

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iPhone 5 bokeh stock 1020
iPhone 5 bokeh stock 1020

BlackBerry announced its latest flagship phone, the Z10, just over a week ago — but it appears the product wasn't enough to keep Home Depot as a customer. Apple Insider is reporting that the home improvement retailer will be replacing the BlackBerry devices used by some 10,000 employees — primarily corporate staff and managers at the store and district level — with the iPhone. The company won't be going Apple-only just yet, however; roughly 60,000 store employees will continue to use ruggedized Motorola smartphones.

The company formerly known as Research In Motion has found itself struggling in recent years as it faces a mobile marketplace that's increasingly dominated by Android and iOS. Its BlackBerry 10 operating system — along with the Z10 and the Q10 QWERTY smartphone — are designed to help reverse that trend. While it's still far too early to tell if the products will prove successful, the news that Home Depot is following in the footsteps of other iPhone converts like the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement couldn't come at a worse time.