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Apple user interface visionary argues the case for an iWatch

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MetaWatch Pebble lead
MetaWatch Pebble lead

Early Apple employee Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini has written an article explaining the potential benefits of an Apple-made smart watch. Tognazzini joined Apple in 1978 and had a big influence on the company's user interfaces over the fourteen years he worked there. In his post The Apple iWatch, the engineer and designer argues that current smart watches are either too limited in features or battery life, and claims that Apple is uniquely positioned to get it right.

A large part of Togazzini's argument is centered on Siri, which he claims would solve the user interface issues many smart watches, including the well-received Pebble, suffer from. Togazzini also says that Apple has a patent on wireless charging that could solve battery life issues, and argues that NFC functionality is better suited for a watch than a phone. Perhaps the most interesting proposal in the post, though, is one that would have Apple use sensors in the watches to enhance the accuracy of its Maps platform.