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The Vatican commemorates Pope with Comic Sans photo album

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benedict virtual photo album
benedict virtual photo album

Pope Benedict XVI officially retired from his position atop the Catholic Church yesterday, leaving a turbulent eight-year papacy and an empty Twitter feed in his wake. The newly-minted Pope Emeritus departs amid brewing controversy and rumored scandals, but that hasn't stopped the Vatican from commemorating his reign with a farewell ceremony, dedicated postage stamp, and, notably, his very own virtual photo album.

The font of choice for Catholics and CERN physicists

The 62-page album, published to the Vatican website, features a collection of photos from L'Osservatore Romano, the Holy See's newspaper. On every page is an image of Benedict doing various papal activities (leading Mass, kissing babies, washing feet) along with quotes from his collection of writings, displayed in Comic Sans — a font typically associated with children's birthday party invitations rather than papal resignations or God Particle pursuits.

The collection ends with a copy of Benedict's resignation letter dated February 10th — one day before he officially announced his retirement. The Pope Emeritus will now take up residence at a rather decadent papal summer estate in Castel Gandolfo outside Rome, where he'll stay until his new home inside the Vatican is fully restored.