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Microsoft's latest vision of the future is a world of giant screens and sensors

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Microsoft future vision
Microsoft future vision

Ahead of Microsoft's annual TechForum event, the company is sharing its latest vision of the future. Focused on home and work, Microsoft puts forward a vision of multiple giant displays powered by devices and services. In one particular scenario a Surface tablet attaches to a touchscreen to link and transfer data. Touchscreens are persistent throughout and the idea of voice activation and convenience of using multiple devices and services is apparent.

Microsoft's latest vision is focused on the next five to ten years, and some elements are shared with its previous productivity vision of the future for 2019. The video is part of a new Envisioning Center at Microsoft where the software giant is testing its latest ideas and technologies. Expect to see more details on where Microsoft is heading with its research projects next week during the company's TechForum event. We'll be reporting from the event, so stay tuned for more coverage.