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JetBlue mocks up its own vision of a Google Glass-enhanced airport

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JetBlue #ifihadglass google glass
JetBlue #ifihadglass google glass

Last week, when Google announced a competition to open up pre-orders of the Explorer Edition of Glass to "creative individuals," we didn't expect to see corporations submitting entries. Nevertheless, airline JetBlue posted five mockups on Google+ (with the requisite #ifihadglass hashtag) on Wednesday showing what it envisions Glass could bring to air travel. One idea JetBlue has is to show garage capacities as travelers drive by them at the airport, another displays navigation directions to the baggage claim after deplaning, and one offers an overlay that shows travelers where the used and unused outlets at the boarding gate are.

In addition, there's a concept that offers an estimated taxi fare for your destination, and the last one is one we've seen before in Google's own promotional video — a Google Now-style flight status card. The most intriguing of the set is the augmented reality display of available outlets, which would require a bit of an overhaul on the airport's end — as well as a database of the precise locations of all outlets — to have any chance of working. JetBlue's entry does fit Google's official rules for the competition, which ended on February 27th, though it's not clear what Google's policy is towards applications from corporations.