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Steam approves sadistic, hilarious 'Surgeon Simulator 2013' for Greenlight

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Created during January's 2013 Global Game Jam, Surgeon Simulator 2013 throws out the preternatural strength and skill most games give their player characters and gets back to the basics: moving each one of your clumsy, slippery fingers while you perform open-heart surgery. You'll be lucky to keep from dropping your patient's lungs, let alone give him a new heart before he dies of blood loss. And with Surgeon Simulator's addition to Steam's Greenlight program earlier this week, the developers plan to unleash your dubious medical skills on all sorts of other vital operations.

In a video posted in January, the developers put out a call for new ideas, saying they'd put in pretty much anything that "makes us giggle." Now, Surgeon Simulator has gotten enough support that they'll be working with Steam on an expanded version. We still don't have much of a timeline or full details on what's coming to the final version, but prepare for new environments (like the back of an ambulance), more tools, achievements, and other body parts: "Performing a heart transplant with a shard of glass is every surgeon's ultimate goal," the developers say. For now, you can play the original here. Nine other games have also made it into the latest Greenlight round and can be found on Steam's announcement page.