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Willem Dafoe joins cast of 'Beyond: Two Souls,' PS3 exclusive coming October 8th

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Willem Dafoe Beyond Two Souls
Willem Dafoe Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls, the next project from Quantic Dream following the studio's critically-heralded Heavy Rain, is pulling together quite a cast. We already knew that Ellen Page would be taking on the role of Jodie — the game's main character — but Sony has just announced that Willem Dafoe will also be starring in the title, now set for release on October 8th. With a storied filmography including work in Platoon, three blockbuster Spider-Man films, and most recently The Hunter, Dafoe will portray the character of Nathan Dawkins.

Sony offers a hint of what gamers can expect, saying that Dawkins is "a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyse her powers." More will be revealed about the "interplay" between Beyond's characters at a later date. For now though, Sony is providing a new trailer of the game featuring Dafoe, which we've embedded below. You'll also find some shots of the actor taking part in Quantic's deep motion capture process over at the PlayStation Blog.