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Facebook invites press to 'come see a new look for News Feed' on March 7th

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fb new newsfeed invite
fb new newsfeed invite

Facebook has invited the press to come have a look at a new version of News Feed at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters on March 7th at 10AM PST.

The social network often tests updates to its Timeline profile pages, including a recent "one column" design, but it less frequently alters News Feed, its primary advertising avenue, aside from algorithmic changes and new kinds of ad content. TechCrunch's Josh Constine claimed to have witnessed a new version of News Feed in mid-January, which swapped News Feed's abundant white space for big photo tiles and overlaid text.

Facebook also hasn't traditionally held press events at its headquarters, but counting a recent Graph Search launch event, that trend may be about to change. The Graph Search event seemed to have been planned to piggyback off CES, an event where it wasn't present, and its upcoming News Feed event coincides perfectly with the SXSW tech conference in Austin, TX — where Facebook is unlikely to announce anything.