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popper lead frog design
popper lead frog design

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Zen robots and augmented reality Porta Potties: exploring the 'Other Singularity' with Frog Design

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The folks from Frog Design have been throwing the official SXSW Interactive kickoff party for ten years. First it was just a chance for a few nerds to get drunk. Then it got so big, the fire department came and shut it down. Now it's become a sort of high tech art fair meant to spark a conversation about the future of the digital world.

Frog was founded in the Black Forest of Germany, arriving in the States back in the 1980s, when Steve Jobs hired them to work on the design of the Apple II's portable case. They founded an office in Austin in the 1990s, as the company expanded from industrial design to digital work.

The party is weird, it's thought provoking, and it's fun, mainly because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Kind of like SXSW.

Photo credits: Michael Shane.
Video prodution: Ryan Manning, John Lagomarsino, Sam Thonis
Editing by: Ryan Manning
Special thanks to Borrow Lenses, who provided us with cameras and lenses.


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