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'Black Hole' photo series lets the paint fly by way of centrifugal force

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Fabian Oefner Black Hole
Fabian Oefner Black Hole

Fabian Oefner's Black Hole series of images may be simple in concept, but getting the perfect shot(s) took a bit of technical knowhow on the photographer's part. To create the above photo (and other high-res versions available at Oefner's website), he dripped various shades of paint onto a metal rod, which was then attached to a drill. Capturing the desired visual effect meant Oefner needed to snap each image just a millisecond after spinning up the drill. To do so, he attached an unspecified sensor to the drill that forwarded impulse signals to the photographer's flashes. Oefner's specialized hardware can create flashes as short as 1 / 40000 of a second, easily freezing motion and demonstrating the stunning result of manipulating paint with centrifugal force.