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Latest Apple TV has a die-shrunk A5 chip, not an A5X after all

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Apple A5 stock press
Apple A5 stock press

The current Apple TV refresh contains a die-shrunk version of the single-core A5 system on a chip rather than the rumored A5X, reports MacRumors. We first heard about the new Apple TV from FCC documents in late January, but quickly found out from Apple that the refresh would only contain a "minor" component change. It turns out that wasn’t an exaggeration.

The MacRumors team cracked open one of the newly-released Apple TVs (model number A1469), and found that the A5 inside was nearly 50 percent smaller than the last generation's already-shrunken chip, measuring roughly 36 square millimeters (0.06 square inches). MacRumors points out that it’s unknown who is manufacturing the new chips — both longtime partner Samsung and rumored successor TSMC are transitioning to chips with smaller, 28nm feature sizes. If TSMC is indeed behind the new chips, it will make the latest Apple TV the first iOS device with a non-Samsung processor.