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TiVo Mini launches for $99.99, pulls content from the living room for a monthly fee

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tivo mini official
tivo mini official

Have a TiVo in your living room but don’t want to pay for one in every room in your house? The TiVo Mini extender box is now on sale for $99.99, letting you stream pre-recorded shows from your main TiVo or borrow one of its tuners to watch live TV. It supports other standard TiVo functionality, too, letting you set up recordings and season passes, and access services like Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Spotify. Before you click Buy, though, there are a couple of things you should know: it won’t work with your Premiere, Premiere XL, or earlier TiVos, it needs a wired ethernet connection, and, inexplicably, you’ll have to pay an extra monthly fee of $5.99 (or a lifetime fee of $149.99) for each unit, on top of your existing TiVo subscription.