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'Angry Birds' cartoon series to be distributed through Rovio games, every screen imaginable

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Angry Birds Toons
Angry Birds Toons

When Angry Birds Toons debuts on March 17th, fans of the popular gaming franchise won't need to go out of their way to watch the new cartoon series: Rovio plans to distribute the show through its existing lineup of smartphone and tablet apps. That obviously includes all Angry Birds titles already for sale; each will receive a new video channel during a wave of forthcoming software updates. Relying on the already-established Angry Birds user base is a smart strategy for Rovio; the games have amassed over 1.7 billion downloads thus far. That immediately grants Toons a "far wider and more engaged global audience than traditional distribution would allow," according to company CEO Mikael Hed.

Rovio isn't leaving other options off the table, however. The weekly episodes of Angry Birds Toons — 52 are planned in total — can also been seen through a dedicated channel on Samsung Smart TVs and Comcast's Xfinity on Demand platform. Support for Roku boxes and other hardware is also in the works. To make certain even more eyes will land on its cartoon, Rovio has also partnered with a barrage of international TV networks, and you'll be able to watch the show's premiere one day ahead of time on March 16th. Clearly Rovio has ambitions to dominate children's TV the way it once did your smartphone screen. There can be no escape.