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Colin Powell's Facebook page hijacked, filled with anti-Bush sentiment

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Colin Powell
Colin Powell

Colin Powell is the latest public figure that's fallen victim to social network hacking. A Facebook page belonging to the former Secretary of State and esteemed four-star military general has been hijacked by someone who's not at all fond of George W. Bush, the 43rd US president and Powell's old boss. As Gawker reports, a series of anti-Bush messages (riddled with expletives) were posted before the page was quickly brought down presumably by Facebook or Powell's own staffers. A number of hacks have targeted public businesses on Twitter of late, with Burger King and Jeep both impacted. Such infiltrations haven't been quite as prolific on Facebook in recent months, though both sites risk damaging their reputations among powerful consumer brands (and celebrities) should these high-profile breaches continue.

Update: Powell's Facebook page has now returned cleansed of the offending messages. "We have been working with fb this morning and they took immediate action to remedy the situation," says a post apparently written by Powell himself.